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Use of udw communication tools
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Post Use of udw communication tools 
Since someone has found some issues to understand the use of communication tools for UDW, I decided to write a small guide:

forum topic : don't be shy to use topics to ask everything the related section allows you. Topic is the best tool for you and for all the community since permits to share problems, opinions and it is stored for very long time to be always accesible. Of course before you write something please search if someone else written it before ( with search tool), you can use that topic if you want ask something related. it's a nice combination: use search/globalsearch ... and if you don't find nothing just "write".  ( normal search http://www.udworld.net/search.php this page find topics of the related forum, instead global search http://www.udworld.net/gsearch.php process all UDW sites using google) .
DON'T use topics to write 4 words that are usless for the community, just read other points below...

shoutbox : http://www.udworld.net/shoutbox_max.php , you can also find it on the top of all forum.. here you can write small and quick phrases to say hello the community, to link something interesting , to ask quick question ( where find something, or "why getmangos.com doesn't work" etc.) all things that doesn't need a topic; in fact you should remember that your shouts can disappear from the "top" also after few minutes if shoutbox is very populated.
the shoutbox is SHARED from ALL forums, so you can see your shouts in everywhere in UDW.

internal UDW chat:   http://www.udworld.net/ajax_chat.php  this is a chat not often used by UDW users, but mostly because it is not clear the usefulness. ajax chat has a main page and as many channels as users registered on UDW. In fact you can ask for a chat an online ( but also offline user ) using the link in its profile. for example if HW2-Yehonal ask vladimir to chat  i'll go in his profile and opening the "private chat" link, then i have this: http://UDW.altervista.org/zeroproje...php?chat_room=2|231   where 2 is my user id , and 231 is vladimir.
Often i use it to quick chat with online users when i don't want to use msn, irc etc.. but of course there are a lot of other uses   , just don't try to use it for where topics, shoutbox , pm etc are better..you know, a contacted user receive an advise or requested chat (like pm case) when he is online, but it's not fully work...so don't hurt if someone won't reply you, and agree to use that chat with contacted user before shouts: WHERE ARE YOU??
other 2 points:
1) ajax chat is not shared by forums...so if you request a chat in zeroproject , and the contacted user is logged in wowbase, he won't see your request.
2) Main page of ajax chat is not used and it's better to use irc instead

irc chat : it's the site channel on irc that is used mostly by devs , so you can often find us there...we talk about developing topics and various , sometime you can also ask support about something but you cannot use it to "force" someone to read you or receive help instantly ( often we are afk and we are not there for help all noobs that join, the forum is quite enough for it ) . it's a nice chat and i'm glad if everyone will join it , but please don't flame and be polite..ban and kick is allowed also there.
I've added a java applet to easy acces at irc chat from forum, just click on the irc section on UDW. http://www.udworld.net/viewforum.php?f=111

PM ( private message) / email : you can write here to contact in private an user asking or talking about non-public topics that above tools do not meets..so don't ask how to install mangos, why don't work your db or something similar... IF they can be public topics you just won't have any reply on it.
However, pm are shared by all forums, so if you send a pm from a forum the user can read it also in another forum of UDW.

last thing: don't forget to use friends tool http://udworld.net/profile.php?mode=zebra&zmode=friends , you can fast contact your UDW friends without searching them on user list.

it's all, i hope it's quite clear and readable

Best regards , Yehonal.

For the Blizzard philosophy

"I really hate to see the marketing sector taking over the authors section...Tauren Paladin? gh..."
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